How to Install Texture Packs



  • You don't need root access.
  • It's a bit harder than on iOS devices.

Step 1: Download and install the Astro File Manager
Step 2: Launch the File Manager and select "Application management"
Step 3: Check the box with the title "Minecraft Pocket Edition"
Step 4: Select Backup
Step 5: Now go back to main menu and select "File management"
Step 6: Go to /mnt/sdcard/backups/apps
Step 7: Copy the terrain.png into the folder of Minecraft PE and replace the terrain.png in assets.

So, you should have now a .zip file with a modified terrain.png

Step 8: Now you can close the Astro File Manager and download and install ZipSigner2
Step 9: Start the app and touch on "Input"
Step 10: Now select the .zip file of MC:PE in your /mnt/sdcard/backups/apps folder
Step 11: Now you just touch on "Sign the file" and wait, until the process is finished
Step 12: Remove MC:PE from your device and install the modified .apk file, which you can find in /mnt/sdcard or in the folder /mnt/sdcard/backups/apps



Step 1: Download iExplorer

Step 2: Plug your iPod/iPhone/iPad into your computer

Step 3:  Download your favorite x16/x32/x64/x128 texture pack, and extract the "terrain.png"

Step 4: Open up iExplorer and go here:

Posted Image

Step 5:  Drag the "terrain.png" file into the iExplorer window.

You have successfully installed a texture pack onto Minecraft PE. Enjoy! 

Tutorials made by Defying and ProUser2000!