MCPE 0.10.0 Build 4 Changelog

Bug Fixes

- Actually fixed all the black screen issues now, hopefully
- Fixed missing stencil shadows on many devices
- Removed black lines from torches and flowers on PowerVR devices
- Fixed excessively close underwater fog with Fancy disabled
- Slope rails now have a correct hitbox
- Fixed the amount of dyes obtained from flowers and bnes
- Fixed spawning in leaves
- Fixed a crash/corruption happening on app switch/reset
- Fixed a biggish memory leak on world creation
- Now showing shadows on alphatested tiles (glass, leaves)
- Chickens don't have a black artifact under their head anymore
- The brightness of the player in the armor inventory doesn't follow the in-world brightness anymore


- Glass walls have again only one side as in PC
- The game now limits its CPU usage when in the background