MCPE 0.8.0 build 4 Changelog

Here is the changelog for the third build of 0.8.0.


  • Added red carpets to Survival crafting menu
  • Added a version watermark to help us tell the build from screenshots


  • Lava and fire now trigger TNT much more aggressively
  • Faster switching from background on Android
  • Potatoes and carrots aren't dropped anymore by tilling grass
  • In Creative, players stop being on fire as soon as they exit fire/lava


24 bugs fixed

  • Fixed a crash in the Manage Realms section
  • Added baked potato description
  • Added charcoal description
  • Fixed typo in iron bars description
  • Fixed arrow smoke being very fast when the arrow is stuck
  • Fixed top cactus texture
  • Fixed crash when picking up an arrow on fire
  • Hopefully fixed the infamous garbage graphics bug
  • Removed one bone meal from the Creative inventory

From the 0.8.0 development versions